Almanac Uberlândia Yesterday and Forever (Part 2)



At the 412 edition of the framework Art and Culture of the Uberlândia program Yesterday and Forever, employees and interviewees of the Almanac Uberlândia Yesterday and Forever talk about the fifth edition of the magazine. The creator of the Almanac, Celso Machado - Nubia Motta journalist and Oscar Virgílio historian - talks about the content of the fifth edition, which brings fun and exciting episodes in the history of Uberlândia, often overlooked by the public. Coordinator of the Algar Institute, Carolina Toffoli, one of the Almanac sponsors, talks about the importance of the project for the preservation of the city's memory. Also they characters of materials were interviewed, such as the cartoonist Mauricio Ricardo and the businessman Felipe Calixto, whom in 1980 led a rock band that became known in the city. Mestre Bolinho, of the Tabajara Samba School, talked about how he felt at the sight of the Almanac spread on the history of carnival guild and the Lotinho character, founder of the school. Program 412, Block 2, displayed on 31/08/2013. Uberlândia program Yesterday and Always is encouraged by the State Law for Encouragement of Minas Gerais culture and is sponsored by Algar.