Tax Incentives

Social, cultural and sports policy for tax incentives.

The Algar Group consists of companies that have great potential for tax incentives, coming from the municipal tax incentive laws (ISS and IPTU - Municipal Law of Incentive to Culture - Uberlândia), state (ICMS - State Law of Cultural Incentive - Minas Gerais and São Paulo) and federal (Fund for Childhood and Adolescence (FIA), Federal Law for the Encouragement of Culture - "Rouanet Law" and the Sports Act).

The business area of the Holding is responsible for raising the potential of Algar companies that can contribute to projects in:

- Culture

- Protection of children and teenagers at risk

- Encouraging sports

The potential of tax incentives is analyzed and the finance area reports this value to the Corporate Committee, which does the prospecting for projects adhering to the guidelines.

The projects selected by the Corporate Committee of Culture for sponsorship can have social, marketing or ownership implications. Social projects aim to contribute to the development of the communities where the Algar Group is located, enabling the expansion of the cultural universe of local people. The marketing projects aim to strengthen the Algar brand and enable the strengthening of the relationship with customers. The ownership projects come from requests from shareholders, institutional relationships and Algar’s own projects.

The management of tax incentives is shared between the Algar Institute, the Market and Communication Relations and Algar Telecom.

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