Sustainable Algar Program

The environmental performance of the Algar Institute is done through the Sustainable Algar program that disseminates the concept of sustainability, diagnoses and optimizes practices in the Algar companies.

This program operates mainly with the climate governance of companies. For this, the Algar Institute gives guidelines, mobilizes and consolidates the results generated through sustainability initiatives.

All work is conducted by the Algar Institute and by the Sustainability Committees that exist in each of the Algar companies. Altogether there are 10 committees, made up of about four to five people, each committee has a leader and co-leader, who are the people who are in direct contact with the Algar Institute and who receive our guidelines.

The program also develops corporate training on matters pertaining to sustainability, climate governance, workshops with expert advisers on emissions of greenhouse gases and carbon inventory, and strategic carbon management in Algar companies.