Management Model

To promote the direct participation of affiliates in corporate decisions: this is the main goal of the Company-Network, a management model created by Algar.

In this goal-oriented management model, results are more important than the hours worked. So, to meet the proposed goals, our affiliates receive variable remuneration and rewards for results, which enables a differentiated compensation.

Through the Process Management Program (PGP) and Ideas Management Program (PGI), affiliates are invited to contribute with the companies' management practices.

Another important channel for the participation of affiliates in the business management is the Affiliates Committee. Acting as the representative body of the affiliates, the committee's role is to listen and to assess the needs of the affiliates in the workplace and negotiate with the company's management. Committee members are defined by the affiliates themselves.

The main results achieved are the improvement of the quality of life and the greater integration of the affiliates, and the definition of benefits and ease of negotiation between companies and unions.

Management principles of a Company-Network:

  • Team spirit
  • Commitment
  • Human and professional growth
  • Educational leadership
  • Autonomy with responsibility
  • Participation in the decision making process
  • Recognition of different levels of responsibility
  • Affiliate instead of employee