The Algar name comes from the initials of its founder Alexandrino Garcia, who in 1954, in Uberlandia, created the CTBC, a telephone service company. The new company expanded rapidly and established itself in dozens of cities in Central Brazil, always with the brand of innovation and pioneering spirit, under the command of Alexandrino, which then began its business activity in the telecommunications industry, definitely marking its trajectory and that of the Group he created.

Alexandrino remained ahead of the business until 1987, when he had to step away due to health complications and was replaced by his son, Luiz Alberto Garcia, current chairman of the Board of Directors of Algar.

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Algar Telecom is a 100% Brazilian Telecommunications Company and with environmental practices recognized in the market.

Present in the main regions of Brazil, it serves over 1 million customers. Sustainability and innovation permeates the entire organization and the close service is the key differentiator of Algar Telecom, which always seeks the best ways of relating.

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Algar Tech has being operating in the corporate market for 15 years. It provides services in business processes through IT Infrastructure, ICT Managed Services, Business Applications, Customer Relations and Digital Business, besides carrying on its historic some important partnerships, titles and certifications achieved.

Algar Tech values the close relationship and is committed to the results of the company, being able to simplify the challenges of its business.

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Manufacturer of ABC Soybean Oil and RaçaFort Soybean Meal, Algar Agribusiness is a company with 36 years of experience, which, at the same time, strengthens its products mix and establishes itself as a benchmark in sustainability and environmental preservation.

Algar Farming is a producer of agricultural commodities based in Uberlândia (MG), consisting of a set of farms located in the Triângulo Mineiro region. Fully operates in the planting and marketing of grains, mainly soybeans and corn with a planted area of 10,000 hectares in the harvest of 13/14.

It also operates with beef cattle livestock farms in Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso do Sul with squad around 10,000 heads.

A company that combines human skills with high technology to converge intelligence and security, providing complete and customized solutions for various industries.

Security Algar operates from developing security diagnostics to the system deployment and maintenance, providing a specialized team to visit the client, evaluate their vulnerabilities and map out a personalized, specific security plan for the plant and the needs of each situation.

COMTEC operates using the Integrated Urban Public Transportation for people's commute, managing the arrival and departure platforms, providing practicality, convenience, comfort and safety to users using the services available in urban terminals.

With the mission to provide fantastic experiences in entertainment and hospitality, Rio Quente Group combines innovation and pioneering in the segments in which it operates. Controlled by the Algar holdings (Uberlândia-MG) and Gebepar (Goiânia-GO), since 1979, the group gets a significant market visibility as a performance reference in tourism and entertainment solutions in South America.