The Algar Institute is a Public Civil Society Organization of Interest (Organização da Sociedade Civil de Interesse Público - OSCIP). This is a title given to NGOs created by private initiatives that, among other advantages, allows us to offer deductibility of Income Tax of legal entities and celebrate Terms of Partnership with the government.

Being an OSCIP, the Algar Institute can develop activities such as promotion of education, culture, environment, social welfare, protection and conservation of historical and artistic heritage, among others.

Mr. Alexandrino Garcia

The foundation of the ALGAR Group is based on the personality of Alexandrino Garcia, its founder. A Portuguese coming from a humble background, he was a born entrepreneur, a brave pioneer and had a natural talent for business.

Born on April 3, 1907, in the village Lapa do Lobo in Portugal, he began to work when he still was a boy, helping his parents in the fields. The family came to Brazil in 1919. Here, Alexandrino was a servant mason, blacksmith, mechanic, and freight truck driver, bought by his father, José Alves Garcia. At 17, he was working in rice machines. He married in 1929 with Dona Maria Silva.

His first business was with cereals, as a partner of his father and, later, his brothers. Since then, although he was the owner of the company, he become accustomed to leaving his mark in all sectors, with extraordinary work capacity and tenacity.

In 1941, he rented a gas station, which, in 1944, was expanded, becoming the General Motors dealership. In 1950, he opened another company in the same industry, the Garinco.

Between 1953 and 1955, he was the President of the Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Association in Uberlândia. It was then that he led the establishment of the corporation which would assume control of the Telefonica Teixeirinha Company , which in 1954 became the CTBC (Telephone Company of Central Brazil). The new company expanded rapidly and established itself in dozens of cities in Central Brazil. Always with the brand of innovation and pioneering spirit, under the command of Alexandrino, who thus began his business activity in the telecommunications area, which defined his career and the group he created.

After the 60s, always with the collaboration of his sons Walter Garcia (now deceased) and Luiz Alberto Garcia, he added dozens of companies, constituting one of the most significant corporate groups in the interior. Alexandrino remained ahead of the business until 1987, when he had to step away due to health complications. He died on October 24, 1993.

Alexandrino, much more than a business organization, left as a legacy his beliefs and values, his determination and pioneering spirit, his willingness to serve and to teach, his unwavering faith in the future of Brazil and the certainty that nothing can stop the growth fostered in a well-intentioned labor force.

Today the group he created, in addition to the preservation of his beliefs and values, keeps going with his goals and ideals, honoring him by using the initials of his name, ALGAR.

Our directors

The Algar Institute has an Advisory Board which gives guidelines and directions for its strategic management. It consists of the following executives:

  • Cícero Penha

    Cícero Penha

    Corporate Vice President of Human Talent

  • Divino Souza

    Divino Souza

    President of Algar Telecom

  • Eliane Melgaço Garcia

    Eliane Melgaço Garcia

    Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Sustainability

  • Fernanda Santos

    Fernanda Santos

    Legal Corporate Director

  • Luiz Alberto Garcia

    Luiz Alberto Garcia

    President of the Board of Directors

  • Luiz Alexandre Garcia

    Luiz Alexandre Garcia


  • Marcelo Mafra Bicalho

    Marcelo Mafra Bicalho

    Corporate Vice President of Finance

  • Mariella Florentino Garcia Pavesi

    Mariella Florentino Garcia Pavesi

    President of the Family Board

  • Ronaldo Pacheco

    Ronaldo Pacheco

    President of Rio Quente Resorts

  • Ronaldo Pacheco

    Clau Sganzerla

    Vice Presidente Corporativo de Estratégia e Inovação

  • Ronaldo Pacheco

    Douglas Ribeiro

    Diretor Presidente Algar Agro

  • Ronaldo Pacheco

    Jean Carlos Borges

    Presidente Algar Telecom