The Algar Institute does not work with the intention of winning awards, but has already received several of them and is proud of this acknowledgment.

Sustainable Company Award


The Algar Institute received in 2014, for the second consecutive year, the Corporate Sustainability Award in the category of Communication for Sustainability.

The Corporate Sustainability Award, which highlights companies that develop sustainable business management, is conferred by the Regional FIEMG of the Vale do Paranaíba, together with the Employers' Unions of Industry, CINTAP (Industrial Center and Integration of Business Triangle and Alto Paranaíba) and the Eco Institute and the Magazine Mercado.

Sustainability in Focus Award

The Algar Institute was recognized with the "Sustainability in Focus" award, by the Commercial and Industrial Association of Uberlândia (Aciub).

At the launch event of the Sustainability Center of Entrepreneurship program of Aciub, the Algar Institute was honored for its entrepreneurship as a sustainable company.

2013 Entrepreneur Hero Award

The Algar Institute received the Entrepreneur Hero Award in 2013, a recognition by Fiemg Vale do Paranaíba, in two categories: Social and Communication Projects for Sustainability. The award aims to recognize companies that invest in sustainability, institutional placement and performance in the regional market.

2013 Citizen Company Seal

The Citizen Company Award, by the Chamber of Shopkeepers (CDL) and the Town Council in Uberlândia, recognized the Algar Institute by two of its social programs: the Algar Educa Program and the Algar Transforma Program. The award aims to recognize the projects that are already in practice, encourage the participation of more businesses and the population in actions that contribute to the town's social, economic and environmental development.

The 100 Best Companies in Corporate Citizenship in 2014

Algar received the award for one of the "100 Best Companies in Corporate Citizenship 2014" based on a national survey of the Gestão RH Publisher between "1000 Biggest and Best Companies" (Exame) and "Best Companies to Work" (Exame/Época). The research includes the following pillars: quality of life at work, social responsibility, environmental responsibility, ethics and relationships with stakeholders, diversity and social inclusion.

Brazil Quality Award 2013

The Brazil Quality Award, established by SBEI - Brazilian Society of Education and Integration, recognizes, appreciates and encourages the efforts of companies that promote sustainable, economic and quality development. One of its initiatives is the publication of the Magazine “Conscientização do Qualityinho Contra as Drogas” (Awareness of the ‘Qualityinho’ Against Drugs), directed towards elementary schools, poor communities and foundations.

See below of the awards won by the Algar Group:

150 Best Companies to Work

Você S/A

Attendance for the 13th time in 2014 and first place in the service sector

Ranking of the 150 Best Companies to Work

Você S/A and Exame


Valor 1000 Yearbook

193ª in the ranking of the 200 largest holding

Valor Econômico


Ranking of the 500 Largest and Best Companies in Brazil



Governance Award

Non-listed Category Companies

Order of Economists in Brazil


Corporate Governance Award

Non-listed Category Companies

Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance


Economist of the Year

Category 'Governance'

Regional Economic Council - SP


The Algar companies are also recognized for their environmental performance:

Época Green Company Award

20 Companies with the Best Sustainable Practices in Brazil

Algar Telecom

Exame Sustainability Guide 2013 and 2014

Most Sustainable Company of the Telecommunications Sector

Algar Telecom

Exame Sustainability Guide 2014

Most Sustainable Company of the Hospitality Sector

Rio Quente Resorts

Sustainability Braztia Award

Rio Quente Resorts

ISO 14.001

Internationally accepted standard that defines the requirements for establishing and operating an Environmental Management System

Algar Agro

Rio Quente Resorts

Award ISTOÉ Business + Aware 2014

Algar Telecom